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If Facebook can make Scrabble (Scrabulous) cool, why not keyboarding? I’ve discovered that 2 of my favorite keyboarding activities can be added as Facebook apps……………one step forward for the cool factor of business ed, right? Well, probably not, but this geeky teacher can dream, right?

Check out Fingerjig and Typing Master for some touch-typing practice or for use with your students – my students love Fingerjig (and make fun of me for being excited that I can add it to Facebook). They don’t love the Typing Master test as much, but that’s because it’s “too hard”. A great endorsement in my book!

2 Responses to “Keyboarding + Facebook? Imagine That!”

  1. Heather Loy says:

    Thanks for sharing these links. I’ll pass them along to our keyboarding instructors. If your students find Fingerjig too easy, have them type the polish words. Yowza. I accidentally selected the Polish flag instead of USA and all those Ws and Zs made it really hard for me! I actually found Typing Master easier.

  2. taliacarbis says:

    I LOVE THESE! I found fingerjig to be harder myself (thought not necessarily hard).

    Both lacked instructions, but I figured it out quickly!!

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