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WordPress Resources

Just wanted to share my resources as I go along. My resources for WordPress, HTML, and CSS will be here – these are my del.icio.us links. I chose this way of sharing because I will be constantly adding and it’s too time consuming right now to try to create a wiki or other resource sharing site.

WordPress – includes how-to’s, themes, plugins and more

Plugins – WordPress plugins (also in WordPress)

HTML – basic guides

CSS – basic guides

I’m just starting these, so some may be slightly sparse at the moment. If you have something to share, just drop it in a comment or share it with me through del.icio.us!

2 Responses to “WordPress Resources”

  1. Rick says:

    Kate, here are my del.icio.us tags for WordPress:


  2. murcha says:

    Thanks Kate for this post. In my holidays I want to look a lot more closely at the wordpress resources.

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