Geek Tip #1

A quick recap of a tip I learned today when working with screenshots – thanks to @lisibo for the inspiration!

I’m working in moodle creating a course right now and was having the HARDEST time trying to figure out out to get a screenshot with Jing of a right-click menu (or anything related to a mouse-click), since you have to use your mouse to use Jing, therefore losing the image of what you are trying to capture.  If you doubt me, just try it!  Here’s what I came up with after tweeting a call for help and receiving help from @lisibo:

1) I right-clicked on the object, put my mouse where I wanted it, then did CTRL-PrntScrn

2) I opened up PowerPoint (working in Microsoft Office 2007) and just did CTRL-V (paste)

3) Using the cool picture features in PowerPoint ’07, I was able to resize and crop the image and THEN grab it and edit it with Jing.

4) The image was then ready to embed with Jing!

Here are some examples:

 It took a few more steps, but I think that the images really add to what I’m trying to convey, especially since many people learn best visually.  Who knew this issue even existed?  Surely not me – until I started working in moodle and the wild world of online course development! 

3 thoughts on “Geek Tip #1

  1. Sarah –

    Check out my post on Jing – Jing + Tumblr = Great Day

    Jing lets you do arrows, text, highlighting, and boxes on any screenshot and also has screencast capabilities. I love this tool! Oh yes, and it’s FREE!

    Thanks for reading 🙂


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